Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday the church youth group went to another church and had "messy games" day with their youth group.  I wasn't quite sure what exactly "messy games" entailed, but sent the kids in old jeans and sweatshirts...just in case.  It's a good thing, because apparently "messy games" are FOOD FIGHTS!  Oh my goodness - the kids were just gross when I picked them up!!  Paige had peanut butter all over her face and hair, and Clay had marshmallow fluff all over his face.  One of the games involved them (volunteering) to have the peanut butter and marshmallow fluff smeared all over their faces and then the other kids threw pieces of popcorn or m & m's to try to get them to stick to their faces.  Then of  course there was the food fight.  Paige told me that she always used to think a food fight looked like so much fun when she saw it happen in the movies.  She said it WAS fun, but she never wants to be in one again.  She also said she NEVER wants to eat peanut butter again.  Matt, their youth group leader took a couple of photos with his cell phone - so hopefully he will send them to me and I will be able to post them soon.  Quite funny!!

This coming Saturday is another fun excursion with the youth group (hopefully not quite as messy though!!).  They will leave Saturday for an overnight to the Chapel House at the University of Florida.  They are really looking forward to it.  They have also heard that Mrs. Whitelaw is going to be a chaperone for the trip and they love spending time with her.  (She is the one whose children were killed in November)  She is such an inspiration to all of us.  We love her and pray for her every evening at dinner.  She visits with the youth group almost every week and often brings them dinner.

Yesterday was another cold day. It was the 10th day in a row with below freezing temperatures.  It is not forecast to get above freezing until Friday morning!!!!!  Ugh.  Paige and I decided to make meatloaf, and we experimented with what we added....we put in grated carrots, chopped brocolli, and red wine - along with a bit of the curry ketchup which Dad/Tim brought home from Munich.  It was delicious!  Yay us!  (photo soon)

Today we have ATT coming out to see if it will be possible to install the Uverse after all.  Apparently, the technician is not sure if it will work because we have such a long driveway and are set so far back from the road.  Keep your fingers crossed that it will work - I REALLY want to be done with Comcast!!  Paige has a tutoring lesson with the (new) Math tutor, then Clay has Taekwondo and Paige has dance....
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