Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bigglesworth revisited

It occurred to Paige and I that some of you may not have gotten the Mr. Bigglesworth reference, so we thought we would explain.  Mr. Bigglesworth was the cat in the Austin Powers movies, beloved pet of Dr. Evil....

Mr. Bigglesworth "Before"

Mr. Bigglesworth and Dr. Evil ("After")

Mr. bigglesworth was a beautiful white Persian, but after he was cryogenically frozen, he lost his fur.

Mrs. Bigglesworth/aka Chloe (black Persian in the front)  "Before"

Mrs. Bigglesworth and Dr. Evil  "After"

Mrs. Bigglesworth "After"
Embarressed and angry that the humans keep laughing at her and taking photos.

Poor Mrs. Bigglesworth.

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