Friday, February 5, 2010

I am feeling much better, so here's a brief recap of the past couple of days...

Tim got home Wednesday evening and has had doctor's and dentist's visits scheduled for the past two days...which means that even though he has technically been home, he hasn't been around a whole lot!  He was able to do the kid's activities last night which was GREATLY appreciated by me as (I think I mentioned in an earlier post) I have been a wee bit cranky and PMSey the past couple of days.  Then, this afternoon he brought me these
I asked him what they were for and he said, "Just for being such a good mom". Aaawww.   So then I almost cried, because, ya know - it's not like I'm feeling emotional right now or anything.

AND, it was very timely that at least HE thinks I am a good mom, because I am feeling very down on myself right now (partly the whole emotional instability thing, and partly the fact that apparently my son is an underachiever.)  Anyway, I don't really want to go into that whole thing because yadda, yadda, yadda.  blah, blah blah.  Same ol', same ol'.  I hear from other moms that this is typical teenage boy stuff - but I want to know what I have to do to make him CARE.  About anything.  Except girls.  He's good on that one.


The Bonfire of the Teenagers is still on for tomorrow.  I did make it to the grocery store and this is what we ended up with

This amount of junk food is just mind boggling to me, because - those who know me know this is true - I am NOT big on the whole junk food, processed food thing.  I am more of a "eat some fruit, have some homemade granola" type.  BUT....I don't want to be the weird mom who serves homemade granola and apple slices, so......

Don't worry, Laurie - I took care of us too!

Yeah.  I might have gotten a bit of a head start....

Tim is supposed to be going to work tomorrow.  So far, his flight tomorrow evening hasn't cancelled.  Unfortunately, all the flights INTO Washington have.  So.  We'll see what happens.  (Because of the big snowstorm up there that they are calling "snowbliteration"...."snowmageddon"...."snowcopalypse"...etc.)

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