Saturday, February 27, 2010


It was a rainy morning, windshield wiper on my van broke.  Since I had to take Paige to one last dance lesson to go over her solo before next week's dance competition...I ended up taking the wiper off, but then the metal screeched a hideous lament against the glass every time I turned the wipers on.  SCREEEEECCCHHH!  Ugh, it was awful! the rain was pouring down, I had a brainstorm!  I took an old kitchen sponge (lime green) and attached it to the metal part.  The wiper on the driver's side still worked, so I was able to drive her to dance.  Ta Da!!  I was pretty proud of myself for my inventiveness! I'm sure any drivers I passed wondered why there was a lime-green kitchen sponge on my windshield though!!  

Tim and Clay are at a boating class all day today, so Paige and I have just been relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet.  My goals for today are very simple - to finish up some laundry, make some bread, and read and enjoy this rainy, chilly afternoon.

Her piece is called "Clouds".  Isn't her costume just perfect?  The vision she has in her head while she dances, is of dancing on big white, fluffy, puffy clouds...

I love watching Paige dance - I'm always so impressed, and wonder where she got such incredible talent and such a work ethic.  

It seems like only yesterday....

Congratulations Clay!!
Way to go!

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