Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yesterday I had a message on the answering machine from BugOut, letting us know that they would be coming to spray for bugs today. Which is extremely timely, because I saw TWO ROACHES in my house this morning.  I do not like roaches.  They creep me out.  They have always creeped me out, but ever since college they have REALLY creeped me out.  This is because I was in college before I realized that there was NO SAFE PLACE to escape these hideous monsters.

Eeeewwww....even that cartoon drawing of one sends shivers down my spine.  See, apparently, as a little girl I hated these nasty things too.  I'm not saying I would overreact and get all hysterical at the sight of one or anything (because, c'mon, that is SO not me!) but...ok...well, I might have gotten slightly hysterical whenever I saw one.  But anyway, the point of the story is that once when I saw one in my room my mother calmed me down by telling me that I was safe as long as I was on my bed because roaches don't like soft places.  Whew.  That was such a relief.  From that point forward, I didn't scream (much) or shriek (much) or otherwise behave in a hysterical manner (much)...I would simply, calmly, leap upon the nearest bed, chair, sofa, or other soft object and know that I was safe and that no hideous, prehistoric man-eating roach thing would be able to attack me.  Because they don't like soft stuff.  This approach worked wonderfully until I was around 20 years old and living in a slightly gross (but cheap) apartment complex in Tallahassee.  I saw a roach one day, scrambled leaped gracefully and calmly upon my bed (aka - the safe spot) and that damn roach followed me onto the bed!!!!  Oh my!  I was shocked!  Was this the superman of roaches?  What was going on??  I shrieked and screamed and leaped clear across the room and out into the living room and onto the couch.  My roommate, Sherri, came out wondering what all the drama and noise was - and I shrieked calmly explained that I was shocked that the Grand-Daddy Roach with super powers was able to climb on the bed.  She went and killed the roach for me (such a good roommate) and then asked me what in the HELL I was talking about.  I told her that roaches are not supposed to be able to go on soft things and she guffawed laughed politely and asked me who told me that.  She then explained to me that roaches don't have a problem with soft areas, ceilings, or any other surface.  

Oh, I was distraught.  From that point on, I have had a problem with roaches. Oh, OK, if you want to be technical about it, then yes - I have always had a bit of an issue with these nasty things.  But it was worse after that.  I.  Hate.  Roaches.  Gross.

When we lived up north and the occasional mouse would get into the house
THAT wouldn't even bother me as much as a roach.  Granted, we've always had cats who would usually catch the little mouse, but still.  I don't know why cats don't kill the roaches....they just bat them around and play with them.  They never kill them.

I don't hate ALL bugs.  I actually quite like these little guys

I can even touch them and everything.  I have even been known to get one from in the house and take it out to my rosebushes - ON MY HAND.  See how brave I am?  But, ewwww.....the thought of touching a roach?  Ugh.  Shiver.  Gag.

So, anyway....I am quite pleased that BugOut is coming today.

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