Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sleeping late on a Saturday

Good morning!!  Tim and I slept quite late this morning - until 9:00 am!!  It was wonderful.  As a result, I feel rested and content.  Amazing how getting a good night's sleep alters your entire outlook!  Tim is still home....the winter storm (aka "snowbliteration/snowmageddon", etc. etc.) is apparently taking quite a toll on Dulles Airport and they cancelled his flight.  Which is a good thing, since they had also cancelled all the flights into Dulles!  

Clay woke up early this morning to clean his room and bathroom!  I know!  I was shocked and flabbergasted too!  That is a photo of him swiffering his bathroom.  I was able to get the papparazzi shot by totally sneaking up on him while he was listening to his ipod.  Good thing I explained that, huh - since you probably didn't even notice the startled look on his face.  

As long as I was in papparazzi mode (and had already enjoyed my big old cup of coffee)....
Tim was reading the paper and enjoying his cup-o-joe.
...and Paige is enthralled by Watchers.  She has jumped on the "Let's get a Golden Retriever named Einstein" bandwagon also.  I guess Tim and I need to re-read that book so we can get on board too!  

Tonight is Clay's little bonfire/s'mores/shindig thing.  I think that is what prompted the cleaning....Don't worry, the paparazzi will be out tonight and I will post photos so you can all feel like you are here!
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