Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stinky and hairy

Let me begin this post by stating that Clay is going to be furious with please DO NOT say anything to him about it!!  I debated whether to blog about this, but decided that since this blog is kind of a record of our day to day lives, I would...

(Also Clay?  You know how you sometimes cop an attitude with me, and act like I am sooo dumb and just, ya know, UNCOOL??  Well, like, ummm.....payback, dude.)

My baby boy is becoming a man!


I noticed several months ago that he was getting the "shadow" over his upper lip. You all know what I mean - the teenager's "mustache", which is just so sad and such a pathetic attempt at a mustache.  The only thing worse is the "soul patch" which to me is just a pathetic attempt at a beard.  Boys - don't do it!  It's just NOT a good look - for anyone.  Sorry, Apollo Anton Ohno - not even for you.  But I digress....when we first noticed Clay's shadow, we gave him an electric razor.  At that point, it was only necessary that he use it about once every couple of weeks.  Lately, it's been every day or so - so we knew it was time.  Yesterday, I went and got the supplies...
...and Tim taught him to shave.

Wow.  My baby boy is shaving.

There are a few other signs that my baby is becoming a man:  First is the fact that he now towers over me.  It's a strange feeling to have to look up at your baby when you talk to him.  Another is that when I pick him up from TaeKwonDo now, I have to leave the windows rolled down in the van.  Man sweat.  Ugh.  He has to leave his gym bag outside, or the whole house starts to smell.  When I wash his gym clothes, I almost gag!  I wash them in the "sanitary" cycle.  No more little boy sweat - this is stinky, manly, breathe through your mouth sweat.

I want my little boy to know this....that no matter how big, or smelly, or hairy you get....

I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be

Now, Clay tells me that I always write bad stuff about him and good stuff about let me assure everyone that I believe in fairness and equality for this there will be a future post about Paige.  I'm already gathering the photos.  It may even appear as early as this afternoon...I'll leave you all with a teaser....

My all-time favorite picture of Paige.

Because it is PAIGE!

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