Friday, February 19, 2010

Everything went well today out at 
Although Tim  is on a liquid diet for the rest of the day.  That means he gets to have these

I made Lentils and Rice for dinner tonight, and put his in the blender so they were nice and smooth and creamy/yummy.  Aren't I a good wife?  I think that I am so good that I deserve one of those things pictured above too!  Mmmmm.

Thank you for all of the comments and feedback about the teacher conference.  I should explain though, that it was OK....not great, just OK.  I was so worried that she was gonna blow at any moment (or that her head was going to start spinning around whilst she spewed profanities at us) that we didn't really get anything resolved.  I do think that she is on notice that the yelling/namecalling during class is not appropriate and that if I hear of it again...I'll be back!  

I don't understand why someone who clearly does not enjoy teaching - or kids - is doing it for a living.  

Whew.  OK.  Enough of that.

This is great practice for life, when inevitably he will have to work with annoying co-workers or a boss who is a major jerk.  Learning to deal with people like this is a great life lesson.

Speaking of great life lessons - another thing that he is doing right now is learning how to make a resume and how to interview.  He has been practicing his interview handshake and introduction on us.  This is for his Introduction to Business Technology class.  First, the kids are interviewed by the teacher in front of the class...."Tell me a little bit about yourself"..."Describe yourself in three words", etc.  Then in a couple of weeks the kids will come to school in business attire and go to the conference room to be interviewed by local business leaders.  Isn't that great?  Personally, I think every high school student should have to take that class and learn those skills!

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