Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring has sprung...or it's springing...or something...


Today is an absolutely Bee-yoo-tee-ful day - it feels like spring out there!  The sun is shining, clear blue skies, the redbuds and azaleas are starting to bloom....Aaah.

Clay ushered in church today, and Paige gave the second reading.
When I snuck back to go to the ladies' room in the middle of the service, Clay showed me "M's" i-phone (the Rector's daughter, who was acolyting) and said (with a smug smirk), "M asked me to hold her i-phone and I have her password...heh heh".  I told him to leave it alone, and honestly didn't think much more about it...until we got home from church and saw "M's" facebook status.  From 11:15 (during the service) said, "Hi. I really should stop going on facebook during church".  Oh, that Clay!  What a naughty kid!  (Sorry, "M"!!)

This photo is of Tim explaining something about the sun and why it moves as the earth moves.  Or something like that.  I wasn't really paying attention - I was trying to get a picture (to preserve the memory for the kids!) and he was glaring at me and telling me to "just stop it, Lisa!" while the kids giggled and waited for the paparazzi to turn the camera on them.  Hmmph.  My family just does not appreciate the paparazzi.  One day he (and the kids) will be glad that I have preserved all these memories for the future.  Won't they?  Huh?  Won't they?

The eagles were back out today (also enjoying this fine spring weather?) but they flew off when I went outside...I did snap  a couple of shots of one of them in a tree.  

Isn't he gorgeous? Or she...I can't tell which is which..but either way, cool, huh? I love "our" eagles...and in the summer, I love "our" manatees...definitely one of the best things about living here.  Oh yeah...and the part about it being spring!  No more winter - yeah!

Afternoon update:

* You may remember that a few weeks ago I had to return the new breadmaker because it wouldn't mix the ingredients properly.  We ended up with lumpy, yucky, misshapen bread.  Tim got me a new breadmaker for our anniversary - very nice, with lots of nifty features and options.  Unfortunately, it was a bit of a dud.  While it mixed everything up very energetically (it made a lovely dough ball) didn't bake it.  It just never heated up. I even tried the  "bake only" option - it still never heated up.  So, it was returned today and Tim got me yet ANOTHER bread machine.  As I type this there is another loaf of bread (hopefully) being made.  What is up with the shoddy quality of things these days?  Very, very frustrating.

*  Clay had another birthday "party" this afternoon.  Party is really a misnomer, because it was just the boys meeting at the mall and eating and walking around.  I left early to pick him up and Paige and I did a bit of shopping...we ran into the boys, and Clay totally dissed me!!  He was completely into the whole "I'm a teenage boy and way too cool for the likes of you" routine.  Methinks we're gonna have to have a little chat, that boy and I.

*  Paige started feeling really yucky while we were at the mall, so we came home and took her temperature and, yep - 100.  Low grade, but still.  Clay was still planning on going to youth group tonight, but he came in a few minutes ago and said he wasn't feeling well either.  Oh great!  

Maybe a nice loaf of "homemade" bread will make them feel better.

Poor Paigie

Poor Clay-Clay

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