Thursday, February 25, 2010


Whew.  It is only 4:46 pm and I am officially exhausted.  I started out the day with the usual "O-dark-thirty" drive to Clay's school, and then a run to Barnes and Noble (looking for something to read) and a (long overdue) visit to Publix.  Since we were almost out of milk, bread, and most important of all - my Italian Sweet Cream creamer, I thought it was time.  I was in Publix, peering into the freezer section trying to decide between broccoli and asparagus when I received a text from Clay telling me, "I rly rly don't feel good".  I spent 5 minutes trying to find the correct keys to text back and ask "what's wrong?".  About 30 seconds later he replied, "stomach rly hurts & head 2".  I told him (again, another 5 minute process for the old-timer Mom trying to find the keys) "Go 2 clinic".  OK, I'll stop now with the back and forth of the texting conversation(it's exhausting me all over again, even with the keyboard!)  - the bottom line: He went to the clinic and the nurse gave him advil (for a stomachache...without calling me??) and sent him back to class.  He thought he could make it until the end of the day, so I ran home and unloaded the groceries in record time and then headed off to pick him up.

I could tell that he really didn't feel well when I picked him up.  You moms know what I mean - that Mother Radar can just tell.  Maybe it was something in his eyes, or the way he was walking gingerly to the car, sort of hunched over...but I knew.  I called the pediatrician's office because, to me, the symptoms sounded suspiciously like the beginning stages of appendicitis (Intermittent pain around his belly button, hurts to walk or cough, as long as he held still and didn't move he was OK).  When the nurse called me back she told me that she thought it was more likely that he is getting the dreaded and terrible stomach bug that has been going around.


Well, either way - my poor boy is lying in bed not feeling well.  I guess time will tell! And I guess I can either look forward to a midnight run to the hospital or being up all night with a vomiting Clay.  I'm really, really hoping it's just gas!

*Side far, so good with Clay.  He has been lying in bed reading a book, his temperature is normal and, while he says it still hurts, it comes and goes - nothing too bad. 

Sweet Paigey has been helping me by putting all the groceries away, vacuuming and sweeping, and bringing all the plants inside because...there's another hard freeze tonight.  I really should go and cover all the citrus trees.  I really should.  But I'm not going to.  Because - I'm SICK OF THIS!!  Sigh.  Spring, where are you??  

I'll leave you with a final thought.  This afternoon Paige said to me, "Mom, did you know that if you are yawning and you touch your tongue the yawn will just stop?"  I stared at her for a minute, thinking, and then asked, "Where did you hear that?" and she replied, "I figured it out all by myself."


I'll leave you to ponder WHY she was touching her tongue in the middle of a yawn in the first place!

Funny girl.

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