Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gaga about Opera (and more!)

Last night, I heard Clay singing under his breath.  I was a bit taken aback because what he was singing was a song from my childhood, and I was surprised that he knew all the words...

You just slip out the back, Jack 
Make a new plan, Stan 
You don't need to be coy, Roy 
Just get yourself free 
Hop on the bus, Gus 
You don't need to discuss much 
Just drop off the key, Lee 
And get yourself free 

That's right, folks - 50 Ways to Leave your Lover by Paul Simon.  This is so typical of Clay - he loves old music.  He's always singing or listening to Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, U2, INXS, Springsteen, the Beatles, The Who, etc... If Tim or I buys a CD of "old" music (such as those listed) it invariably disappears.  To Clay's room.  

This makes me think of a scene from one of my favorite movies of all time, The Big Chill...

Michael: Harold, don't you have any other music , you know, from this century?
Harold: There is no other music, not in my house.
Michael: There's been a lot of terrific music in the last ten years. 

Harold: Like what? 

Oh, I LOVE that movie!  When I was in college I worked at The Cinema-n-Drafthouse in Tallahassee (which showed second run movies, and you could get beer and a Mugs and Movies).  We showed this movie for quite a while and I had every line in that movie memorized.  Love. That. Movie!!  

But anyway, back to Clay and his varied musical taste.  He also loves opera and classical music.  Paige will come in to our room late at night complaining that Clay has his opera turned up too loud.  Now, the love of 70's and 80's music (and probably the classical, too) he learned from us.  But the opera?  I have NO idea about that one.  He's such a funny boy!

So, back to the Paul Simon....I heard him singing that song, and I asked him where he had ever heard it...Because the Bon Jovi, The Who, the Springsteen? Yeah, we play that here all the time - but Paul Simon?  Not so much.  Not that we don't like him, but...just not so much.  So I wondered.  I was curious.  He scoffed at my curiosity.  Yes, he did!  He scoffed!  He said, "Just because I'm young, doesn't mean you can pull the old that's not your generation thing."  At which point I started laughing, because again - Clay is such a funny boy.  I still have no idea where he heard it.  I'm guessing the (OMG) "oldies" station.  

He doesn't only like the fabulous music of the 70's and 80's though - he's an equal opportunity music fan.  He also loves the Black Eyed Peas, New Boys, ColdPlay, and oh yeah - he is (like his father) gaga about Lady Gaga.  

Clay, you rock! 
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