Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bonfire of the Teenagers

Clay and his friend Brooke have decided to have a "get-together" here at our house on Saturday night.  They have invited some friends, and have planned the "menu" (mostly junk food and chips...surprise, surprise!!).  The "entertainment" appears to consist of sitting around the firepit and talking and making s'mores. I'm very impressed with them - they "did" the invitations (a message on facebook plus texting a few others) and they even invited the siblings - which I thought was quite generous.   Tim will be out of town so Brooke's mother, my good friend Laurie, is coming over to help me chaperone.  And to share a bottle of wine with me.  She's a good friend that way! I'm looking forward to it.

Yesterday was a busy, busy day.  In addition to the usual (Math tutor, dance, taekwondo) we squeezed in a visit to Animal Control to look/visit with a Golden Retriever they had.  Ultimately, we decided that she was not the right dog for our family...but we are beginning to think about getting another dog and Clay has convinced us that we need a Golden Retriever.  Well, maybe "need" isn't really the right word.  While I am willing to look - I'm not in a great big hurry to get another canine.  I also had to run to Michael's yesterday to pick up some art supplies for Paige because she and Ging-Ging (my mom) started taking a drawing class together today.  Paige had a fun time in the class, and enjoyed lunch out afterwards.  I think this will be a nice, bonding time for them and I know Paige was really looking forward to spending more time with her grandmother!

I enjoyed having a couple of hours to myself while she was in the Art class....I ran a couple of errands, did laundry, and mopped the floors.  Woo Hoo....I feel so productive.  I've had a headache all day, so I am looking forward to an early evening.  Tim gets home tonight, and I am making white chicken chili for dinner (it's chilly outside!).  I'm looking forward to having him home - even if only for TWO DAYS! 

So...this headache I've had all day....I'm not saying that this is what caused it...
BUT....I bought one of those big bags of peanut M&M's at Target this morning's already half gone.  Just saying.

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