Monday, February 15, 2010

Lazy Day

Thank goodness there was no school today...I didn't sleep well last night, so I really really appreciated being able to sleep until 8:45 am!!  For those who haven't heard, we've had another killing here in the Jacksonville area.  This time it was a 17 year old who was apparently shot in the head by two classmates.  All from a private school.  One of the boys who killed her is a 16 year old who used to attend the private school Clay and Paige attended.  They didn't know him (he left before they got there) but for some reason this story has just bothered me so much.  I suppose it is because I have a son around the same age...I just keep thinking what a waste.  These boys made a terrible decision and now their lives are over (for all intents) as is the life of the girl they murdered.  Three families ripped apart.  The 16 year old boy was attacked by 8 other kids at the Juvenile Detention Facility where he is being held.  He will be tried as an adult.  I wonder how he got to this point.  What led him to think that was an OK decision?  It just bothers me on so many levels.  I am grateful that Clay did not know this boy.  I feel such sorrow for the families of the other St. John's students.  On top of the tragedy in November, there is this.  How do children cope with things like this?  It is hard enough for us, as parents and adults, to comprehend.  It truly just breaks my heart.

Paige had a friend spend the night last night, and they have had a Harry Potter marathon.  This morning she made breakfast for everyone...
It was pretty good, too!  (We were all a bit surprised!)  I am still waiting for her to clean the pan though.  Sigh.

The kitties appear to be getting along!  Probably because Gus wasn't jumping on Chloe's head.  For a change.

Clay was looking for a book to read.  I referred him to his AP Human Geography book.  He wasn't thrilled with my suggestion, but with a bit of persuasion (aka ultimatum) on my part, has agreed to go with my suggestion.  Smart kid.

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