Tuesday, May 4, 2010

4:21 p.m. at the VK's

Here's what was happening around here this afternoon:

Clay works on homework.
Hey!  Wait a minute - that looks like Facebook!!

It's about to rain...

That grass looks a little thirsty.

So does the tomato.

The citrus is all coming along nicely...

The yard is full of flowers...ligustrum, roses, honeysuckle, and confederate jasmine.
It smells heavenly!

Paige models her "Cindy Lou Who" hair creation.
Because, um...well, that's just so Paige!

In order to get a photograph of my children, I trap them in the hall encourage them to pose for me.
(And I sneak a few candid shots in when they're not looking!)

Lucy decided to come see what was going on.

Gus slept through everything.

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