Sunday, May 23, 2010

What they don't tell you about parenting

Once upon a time there was a beautiful baby boy with big brown eyes that twinkled when he smiled.
He was a happy baby, and he smiled a lot.

He grew into a sweet little boy who loved his mommy.
He thought that his mommy was the prettiest, smartest, most wonderful mommy in the whole, entire world.
He wanted to marry her.

His mommy thought that he was the smartest, most handsome little boy in the world.  She was his biggest fan.  She was strict with him, but generous too.  

She dressed him in cute clothes, and played with him and tried to teach him things.  Because he loved his mommy so much, he listened to her.  He was a good boy.

He laughed a lot.  He was happy.

He followed the rules, and tried to make his parents proud.

But then one day, practically overnight, he was attacked by hormones a terrible enemy.  The hormones terrible enemy/alien made him different.  He wore his clothes differently, he didn't do what his parents said (without a lot of nagging), he made poor choices, he thought about girls.  All the time.  He was messy a slob.  Every little thing he did, he did with DRAMA.

His mommy was sad.  She missed her sweet little boy.

She wondered why he didn't think she was smart, or pretty, or wonderful anymore.  She wondered why he changed.

She became frustrated with her precious little boy when he wouldn't listen to her wealth of knowledge and experience.

Sometimes his stubbornness and poor decision making made her want to cry.

She knew that somewhere inside the surly, stubborn, frustrating teenager her sweet little boy was being held captive.

She refused to surrender.
But she wondered sometimes who would win - her or the alien who had taken control of her little boy.

The alien had caused many other changes to occur with her sweetie other than the personality.  He was tall and gangly.  When she hugged him now she had to look up at him.  His legs were hairy.  His voice was deeper.  

She was so sad that her little boy no longer thought she was wonderful.
She missed him.
She loved him.

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