Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Revisited

Tim wasn't here for Mother's Day...he had to work.  However, he enlisted the kid's help with hiding my gift and card.  Sunday morning I was served breakfast in bed, along with the paper and a cup of coffee and sweet notes from my children.

What a wonderful way to start the day!

I especially love Tim's card.

This picture is from Mother's Day just last year.

OK, OK, it was a few years ago.
But it seems like just last year.  I still think of C & P like that.  I don't know where these big, grown up teenagers came from.

I can't believe how fast they have grown up.

Anyway, it was a nice and mellow Mother's Day - which I really appreciated since I had a migraine all weekend!  I spent the entire morning lazing around and not doing much of anything except catching up with some long lost friends who recently turned up on facebook.  

I love facebook.  It has been so wonderful to find old friends!  These particular friends are from my days as a flight attendant with Continental, and our time living in Boulder.  Two of them are wonderful girls who were flight attendants also, and who spent a LOT of time with me in the crew room sitting on reserve. The other is a friend that Tim used to fly with and who was a very dear friend that we hung out with quite a bit.

It's sad that we lost touch (all those moves!) and I am thrilled to be able to catch up and hear about their lives.

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