Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Coffee, Tea or BITE ME!

Today I thought I'd share another memory from my younger days.  I had forgotten all about this, until Tim reminded me...(for some reason this little story  made quite an impression on him.  Anytime I mention that I used to be a flight attendant, he sniggers and makes a rude comment.)

Shortly before I quit flying to become a full time Mommy, I was based in Newark. Which sounds gross, but actually was a nice base and had good flying.  I commuted from Michigan, so I would "back my trips up"...which means I'd fly one trip and then immediately fly another one in order to get more days off.

Occasionally, when backing my trips up I would have to stay overnight in Newark, which necessitated a hotel room.  On one of these trips (I can't even remember where we had gone, but would guess that it had been an extremely long day.  They all were extremely long days.) one of the girls I was flying with had the same situation.   She also commuted, and had an early check in the next morning.  We decided to share a hotel room to save money.

I think we got to the hotel around 9:30 or so....we went right to bed.  There were TWO beds.  I think our wake-up call was for something ridiculous like 4 am...so we were tired.

Around 11:00, we were awakened by noise from the room next to ours.  Loud music, yelling, whooping, banging....It was impossible to sleep.  We called the front desk to complain and they said they'd send someone up.  About 10 minutes later the security guard came up and knocked on the door, we heard some talking, laughing and then the guard left and they started the music back up.  


We banged on the wall.

More yelling and whooping, etc.

I heard their door opening and closing - loudly.  Slamming really.  Finally, we peeked out in the hall and saw some guys going to get more ice.  We (in our pajamas, with hair sticking up, and sleepy eyes) asked them if they could hold it down so we could get some sleep.  They started laughing and slammed the door again.


We called the front desk several more times, but the noise level never abated.  We were tired.  We were irritable.  We had to get up in a few hours and put on happy faces for another long day.  We were NOT amused.

Finally, around 2:00 am, the manager told us (in one of our numerous phone calls of complaint) that they had called the police. Apparently, there was a bachelor party going on in the room next to ours and they weren't having much luck convincing them to hold it down.

Two police officers finally arrived and knocked on their door.  I got up to eavesdrop make sure the police took care of it.  I heard the police laughing and chuckling with the jerks immature young men.  I cracked the door and heard the guys in the room telling the (male) police officers that they really weren't being that loud (HA!!) but there were a couple of heh,heh "lesbians" in the room next door and ...mumble, mumble....chuckle, chuckle...ha ha ha.  

I saw red.

I threw open the hotel room door, and in all my glory (this would be the glory of messy hair, no makeup, pajamas, and swollen, sleep deprived eyes...plus a slightly maniacal, "don't mess with me" look) I screeched explained a bit loudly that....


I slammed the door.  My roommate/companion in purgatory was laughing so hard there were tears running down her face.

There was silence in the hall, then a few whispers.
The noise stopped.

I think we got about 2 hours of sleep before the dreaded wake-up call at 4 am.

The moral of this story?  Don't mess with sleep deprived flight attendants.

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