Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

The evolution of a dancer's bun.

Some Paige photography taken on the drive home from ballet yesterday.

In no particular order, here are some thoughts that are bouncing around in my head this morning:

* Paige LOVES her new ballet studio.  I mean, she really really LOVES it.  There are some great girls in the class, and Miss Dulce is "really good and funny too."  She also loves how she works so hard that her feet are killing her and her legs are shaking when class is over. (?)

*  I'm still wondering when everything is going to "click" for my son and he will start to care about his grades.  And his room.  And, well, everything.

*  I'm getting really tired of lying around all night long unable to sleep because I keep THINKING about stuff.  

*  I'm getting really tired of being a zombie the following morning due to my sleepless nights spent thinking about stuff.

*  I need more coffee. 

*  A milestone of sorts is occurring with my son tomorrow.  But I am NOT ALLOWED to blog about it.  Sorry.

*  I think that if said child wants to have creative control over my blogging content, then said child should PERHAPS start bringing home STRAIGHT A's.  Otherwise, said child hasn't any bargaining power.  Ya' with me?

*  I'm thinking that those poor folks up in Tennessee must be getting pretty annoyed with all the media attention being on the oil spill and the attempted bombing in Times Square. 

*  I'm also second guessing my thoughts about moving my blog.  I'm wondering if I should just stay with the blogger I know.  Just mulling it all over.

*  I spent most of last night lying in bed composing (in my head) a letter to the Superintendent of Schools and the school board here about the evil, bullying teacher from Hell.  

*  Then I got all upset and kept thinking about all of her heinous, mean spirited actions against that class, and particularly my baby boy.  Who just happens to be 15, but IS STILL MY BABY!!

*  I found said baby in his room last night (granted, when he was supposed to be cleaning it and getting ready for school) sad and crying because he misses his friend Kevin so much.  That hole in his heart is still raw, and I think especially when he is having a tough time with something.  Kevin was such a great kid, and always took time to listen and talk to Clay.  Clay misses him so much.

*  And THAT breaks my heart.
(For those readers who are new to this blog, click here to read about what this refers to)

*  Kevin's and Katie's mother amazes me and humbles me with her strength and her faith.  She is still a part of the youth group - she chaperones their trips, and brings them food, hugs, and love.  She keeps the memory of Kevin and Katie alive for these kids.  Clay loves her, and so do I!  

*  I wonder why Jack thinks 4:45 a.m. is the BEST time to cuddle.

*  I wonder if I can talk Tim into filling the van up with gas for me?

*  I need to do a deep clean on the house - I can see dust bunnies under the furniture again.  But I don't want to.

*  One final thought for today...still mulling over names for the blog (regardless of whether I move the address or not, it's time for a name change!).  Thanks for the suggestions, and keep them coming, please.

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