Saturday, May 29, 2010

Short but sweet

This will be a short post, because I need to finish my coffee and pull the house together for a showing his morning.  Yay!  It's only a realtor previewing it for her clients, never know.

Yesterday while Paige was at ballet, I made a quick trip to Costco.  Now I remember why I rarely go there on Fridays or weekends - that place was a madhouse!!  I quickly grabbed the items I needed and skedaddled out of there as fast as I could!

When I got back to the studio I was able to see Paige's Harlequin costume for Coppelia...

I know it's blurry, but you get the idea.
Cute, huh?

I also got to watch her dance a bit (another reason I LOVE the new studio!)

I was so happy and surprised to see how much better she has gotten in only 3 months!  

On the way home from ballet, we saw a police truck.

Yes.  A Police TRUCK.

(The line in the middle of the photo is the antenna on my van)

I have never seen a police truck before.  Have you?  Is this a phenomenon unique to the south?  Paige and I giggled and giggled over the truck.  It just tickled our funny bones!

Tim's birthday "feast" last night consisted of Ming Moon and instead of Birthday cake, he had key lime pie.  It was different...but yummy nonetheless!

Now, I am going to go whip my house into shape.

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