Saturday, May 15, 2010

Copper River Salmon!

The Copper River Salmon is coming!  This is BIG news here in the VK household.   This morning when I woke up, I read this, and it has made me oh so happy!  

This is HUGE news around here.  For the past couple of weeks, my husband has been bemoaning that fact that he hasn't been able to find Copper River Salmon  anywhere yet.  I have patiently repeatedly explained to him that I didn't think that the season began until mid-May, but he is anxious.  Anyway, it is official - the season starts today!

Let me explain why this thrills us.  We lived for two years in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and we became addicted hooked on this fabulous, succulent fish.  Well, actually, we got hooked on fresh Halibut and any type of fresh, wild (as opposed to farm raised) Salmon...but the Copper River Salmon?  Aaahhhh.....Nector of the gods!
When we first moved to Florida we had Copper River Salmon shipped to us overnight while it was in season.  Yes, it is THAT good.  Thankfully, it is now shipped all over the country and you can find it almost anywhere.  I have found it at Costco, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and Publix has even had some before.

If you are lucky enough to find some in your local store - buy some!  I promise, even if you think you don't like salmon (because all you've ever had is that nasty farm raised stuff) you will love it.  It's only in season for a few weeks, so grab some while you can.  I will even tell you how to prepare it...
1.  squeeze a little lemon juice over the fish
2.  Drizzle some olive oil over and rub it into the flesh
3.  sprinkle some dill over the top
4.  grill
That's it.  If you want, you can slice some onions and lay them over the top of the fish while it is grilling.

5.  If you like a sauce over your salmon, you can stir some fresh lemon juice into fat free plain yogurt until it is the right consistency, then add some dill.

If you aren't able to find the Copper River Salmon, don't despair - any wild salmon is delicious cooked this way also.  Just please, please, please - don't get the farm raised crap stuff.  Trust me on this.  It is not the same.  They add food coloring to make it look pink.  It doesn't taste good, and it isn't as good for you.  It's just yucky.

This?  The Copper River Salmon?  You will love it.  Buy a nice bottle of Cote du Rhone, and steam some asparagus to go with the salmon and you will think you've died and gone to heaven!

I can't wait.  I wonder if Whole Foods has some in yet?  Tim is going to be SO happy.

All this reminiscing is really making me miss Seattle, and especially the "flying fish"...

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