Saturday, May 22, 2010

Odds-n-ends and other bits of randomness

I haven't been online much the past couple of days.  I volunteered for something again.  I don't know why I do this.  It always ends up being much more complicated and involved than I was led to believe.  This time it is for the production of Coppelia.  I was told that all parents must volunteer to help in some way.  My choices were working backstage (nope.  I want to WATCH!), sewing costumes (NO BLEEPING WAY!), or helping with tickets.  Hmmm.  I'll take door number three.  Sounds easy, right?


What is involved here is calling non-profit organizations to see if they would be interested in complimentary tickets to the performance.  And then, organizing the tickets, sending information out to the organizations, mailing the tickets, etc.  First I have to call all of the organizations and speak to someone...which has been a challenge, to say the least.  Also?  "Helping with" tickets?  Hmph.  It's more like, do the entire thing yourself.  I think they should be clear about that up front, fyi.

Anyway, that's what I have been doing the pst few days.

I have also been doing genealogy stuff.  I found a cool (free) site called (Thanks, Nora!) and have been slowly trying to enter family info.  My nephew called from Minnesota the other day asking me to email him his family history for a school project, which by the way?  I have piles and piles of papers and old letters and pictures.  Emailing?   Not happening.  So I have been trying to update the info on this site so that he can access it.  I have been adding cool photos like these.
Richard Johnson Mays (2nd great grandfather)
Lyndhurst (family home from 1848 until the 1960's)
my grandmother as a baby

my grandfather
my grandmother, mother and uncle

So...I have been calling non-profits, doing genealogy and....

*Calling the school.  Yep.  Another conference is in our future regarding you know who.  THIS time?  She told a girl to slap my son.  

*We are considering putting the house back on the market and trying to sell it. Again.
Which would mean a big, deep cleaning project.
Because since the house HAS NOT been on the market, I have gotten a bit lax lazy with my cleaning.

But, I don't want to talk about cleaning, because that just depresses me.  KEEPING it clean...that depresses me even more.

So I'll share a few other things.  Yesterday, I took my camera and went to take some pictures in the yard.  I took these...

Which turned out Okay....but then I saw a little green lizard.  I wanted to get a close up of him, and I tried about 20 shots (since he was holding so still and cooperating so nicely with the paparazzi) and my stupid camera started to have an attitude.  AGAIN.  This has been happening more and more often and is driving me crazy.  I am very frustrated with my camera.  I did manage to get one that didn't go all blurry because my stupid camera refused to focus.

And that's all.

Have a nice weekend!

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