Sunday, May 30, 2010

I love you, You love me, We're a happy family....

Yesterday was a busy day, and so in the afternoon the family congregated to the pool for a little R&R.  
The kids spent a bit of time bouncing up and down and making "waves"
They jumped...
...and jumped...

...and jumped some more...
(Please notice Lucy in the background patiently waiting for someone to throw her ball)

Today they WANTED the paparazzi to take pictures!

Now look who's jumping!

Tim got dumped in the water...

Then Paige got dumped in the water...

And then Clay got dumped in the water.

I did not get dumped in the water.
I stayed by the side of the pool taking photos.

Aren't I wise?

We had grilled salmon and corn on the cob for dinner.  We had leftover key lime pie for dessert.
And then we definitely watched Rainman.

It was a good day.

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