Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happiness is...

For me, today, happiness is having a wonderful, generous husband who volunteered to take the children to church so that I can have a morning off.


I have been going non-stop this week.  I can't even really tell you what I've been doing.  Just stuff.  Non-stop stuff.  Clay has had review sessions for his AP exam every day after school (the exam was Friday, and we won't know how he did until sometime this summer), both kids went to the Math tutor, Paige started more intense rehearsals for Coppelia this week, Clay had a car wash to raise money for Nationals for Taekwondo, etc. etc.  I'm tired.

Tim rocks.

While he is at church with the kids, I will be grocery shopping (hoping Publix has some of that Copper River Salmon in) and then making dinner for the youth group tonight.  What will I be making?  No idea.  I'm hoping for inspiration at the store.

Anyway, because I'm so tired I've got nothing for today.  Nothing.

So I'll put up a few photos I took this week instead.
Friday morning sunrise

Peaceful and calm

Look who else was out watching the sunrise...

We have had REALLY low tides this week...

...which might explain how this guy (manatee) managed to "beach" himself

Photos of the manatee taken by Clay.
Don't worry - Clay said he was eating and he would use his flippers to move.  When he was finished eating, he stretched, and arched his back, and used his flippers to maneuver back into deeper water.

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