Thursday, May 27, 2010

What I'm happy about today

Today I am happy that...

1.  The headache I woke up with this morning is gone!
2.  I have taken 6 bags of books to the used bookstore, and 4 boxes of junk have gone to Goodwill.  Woo Hoo!  That's 10 containers of stuff we don't need which are now gone from the house.
3.  Lucy got a haircut.  This means she is shedding half the amount of hair she was shedding two days ago.  (Plus she smells really nice and has a cute bandana.)
4.  Clay has an A in his AP Human Geography class.  Yay!!
5.  My house is almost clean.  For however long it lasts - it's clean now!!
6.  Fresh, summer produce is coming in - the cantaloupes, watermelon, etc. are yummy!  
7.  My house is clean!  I know I mentioned it before, but really...I am so pleased about this.  It's such a wonderful feeling, and our house looks so nice.  
8.  Clay cleaned his room this morning.  OK, OK..I still had to go pick up a few things (he IS a teenage boy, after all) but he made his bed, and he hung up his towels, and he made a real effort!
9.  Paige is such a good kid.  She is always helpful, and so sweet to everyone.  Puberty/moods make an appearance every now and then but for the most part she's a happy, sweet, thoughtful girl.
10.  I have so many wonderful readers of this blog.

A big shout out to all of you who read this blog faithfully, and who just "get" me.  Thank you for understanding that this is cathartic for me, for understanding that in sharing parts of my life (hopefully in a humorous way) I am attempting to make sense of them too.  Life is not always easy (especially with teenagers!) and I so appreciate those of you who have been here with me every step of the way.  Thank you for commenting and for giving me feedback about what I write.  Thank you for listening, and for sharing your own stories.  Thank you for understanding what I am trying to say.  

I never want to paint a rosy, unrealistic picture of our lives, and I'm not even sure that I am capable of doing that.  This is my life - the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I try to laugh at things, because sometimes it's just laugh or cry!  

You have always commented on my posts - whether in the comments, or privately.  Your comments and feedback mean the world to me.  It means so much when you write and tell me that you loved my post, or you had a similar experience, or that you just understand exactly what I was trying to say.  Thank you for understanding that I'm not complaining, I'm venting.  

I want to especially thank my funny family - for always supplying "blog material" and being such good sports about it all.

Thank you.
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