Friday, May 14, 2010

Show us your Life: Children's Books

 Over at The Improbable Housewife they are discussing favorite children's books, and I thought I would join the discussion today (since books are one of my favorite things!)

The problem is that there are SO MANY wonderful books.  Since everyone in this house loves to read, I thought I'd just narrow it down to books that the entire family loves.  Still, be warned - there are a LOT.  

When the kids were young (toddler aged) these were some of their favorites...
When they got a bit older and started to read "chapter books" by themselves, these were some of their favorites...

Some of our favorite read-aloud books were these...(bedtime stories read out loud a chapter or two a night by Mom or Dad)

The Tale of Desperaux was read aloud, chapter by chapter, on the airplane, in hotels in London and Paris, and we finished it on the airplane on the way home.

Some more recent favorites have been...

And now they are reading "adult" books like these...

Which I know are not technically "children's books", but my kids are reading them so I am counting them!

So these are some of our favorites - and I didn't list the books that are favorites of Clay (Clive Cussler, Master and Commander, etc.) or of Paige (Nancy Drew, Fablehaven, American Girl, etc.) 

I am so glad that my children are readers.  They have shared their favorite books with Tim and I (ones we never had a chance to read as children, like The Ranger's Apprentice and Eragon series), and now we are able to share some of our favorites with them.  What are YOUR favorite children's books?

Finally, thank you all for the kind comments on the blog post yesterday.  They made my day!

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