Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OCD? Or just organized?

Yesterday was blustery and rainy.  

I tried to get some pictures of the trees blowing all around, and the leaves all inside-out....but they didn't turn out so great.

Then I tried to get a picture of the whitecaps out on the lake.  That one didn't turn out so great either.

So I settled for a photo of my "boys" doing yard work.

Then I decided that I had procrastinated long enough and it was time to get back to work.


There's absolutely nothing new to say about cleaning.

I do feel a deep sense of satisfaction in one little project that I completed, however.  I spent about three hours organizing books.

Let me explain.  Everyone in my little family loves to read.  We read a lot, hence we have a lot of books.  Unfortunately, no one in the family (other than moi) seems capable of returning a dust cover to a book and putting it away.  We had about 473 dust covers floating around and about 456 books without their dust-covers...most stacked next to the bookshelves.  And yes, I found more dust covers than books.  Why?  I have no idea.  So I spent hours gathering books, finding the appropriate dust cover, and then returning the books to their proper place in the shelves.  Because, yes, I am a bit obsessive-compulsive organized  that way.  I like all the Greg Iles books together...all the Dan Browns together...all the books are (supposed to be) grouped by author, then in order of when they were published. 

Hey!  This doesn't make me anal - it just makes it easier to find a book when you need it.

I also organize the DVD's...action movies, comedy, drama, children's....

C'mon - doesn't everyone do that?

But I digress - the point is that my family often drives me crazy when they don't put books away where they belong.  It makes me twitchy.  So today, now that my books are all organized (well, except for the missing books and the bookless dust covers) I feel such a sense of satisfaction and well-being!


The kitties are also quite pleased with my endeavors.  I found many kitten toys hiding amongst the dust bunnies under our bed...

While I have been blogging, Tim the best daddy in the world has been explaining light and sound and magnetism and other Science-ey stuff to Paige...

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