Saturday, May 8, 2010

Paige's Post (guest blogger for Mom's Day)

Alright. I'm no Mom. I can't blog. But I'll try.

Last night at dinner, Daddy asked us a question. If a genie came down and gave you one wish, what would it be? I said that I would want a ton of money to be able to go to St. Johns, and Mom and Dad could get new cars. Clay said that he would be able to be successful at everything he tries. Mom said that she would also like money to send us to St. Johns, and get new cars and so on. Then we asked Dad what he would wish for.

"Dad: "I'm not saying. Mom's going to blog about it."
"Mom: "I won't blog about it. What would you wish? "
"Dad: *Sighs* fine. My wish would be to be Lady Gaga's drummer. "
"Dad:  "Fine. You can blog about it. "
"Mom: "No, I promised. I won't." 
"Dad: "No, really. It's fine. go ahead. "
"Mom: "I said I won't and I won't. "
"Dad: "No, really. Blog about it. I don't care." 

     Ever since Dad did the guest blog, he has been giving Mom "blog material" and telling her what to say.  I think he is hooked on blogging.  I also think he is hooked on Lady Gaga. Why, I don't know. Personally, I think she is kinda weird. But she can sing. 

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