Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Tim!

____ years ago today an adorable little boy was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He was the youngest child and, perhaps, just a teeny-tiny, wee bit spoiled.

He was known as "Bola".
He was awfully cute!

He fell in love with flying.

Then he fell in love with me!

The man I married is kind, loving and generous.

He is funny.

He is a wonderful father...

...who gives piggy back rides, goes fishing with his son, plays soccer and frisbee golf, teaches his kids how to ski, plays roadkill Barbie with his his daughter...

and even does ballet with her!!

He is hardworking and such a good role model for the kids.

But he likes to play too!

And he even loves animals.

Tim is terrific.
He is awesome.
He is amazing!

AND he is ____ years old today!!

Happy Birthday, honey...I love you!

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