Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crazy is as crazy does

We hit the ground running last week, and we haven't stopped since.  It has been once of those crazy, non-stop, "Calgon take me away", kind of weeks.  Between exams, prepping for exams, Coppelia rehearsals, Clay's get together the other day, training for Nationals for Taekwondo, fundraisers for Taekwondo, and showing the's just been insane.

I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel though.

This morning (once I finish procrastinating on the blog and finish my coffee) I will finish packing for Clay and then we will drive him to summer camp for the week.  And then...I AM DONE!

Next week will be quiet.  No ballet Math tutor...NO NOTHING!  Well, except for a doctor appointment for Paige.  But other than that - NOTHING.

I can't believe how excited I am about absolutely nothing.

I think this week has made Clay lose his mind just a little bit.  Early this morning, in the wee hours, a light went on in the kitchen.  I called out asking who it was...and didn't hear anything.  I called out again.  This time Clay bellowed, "I"M GETTING SOME MILK!"  I kind of huffed, because I really didn't think that tone (or decibel level) was necessary, but quickly drifted back off to sleep.  This morning when Mr. Sunshine woke up I asked him about it.  He didn't remember it.  At all.  He thought I was teasing him or making it up until Paige came out and said, "I thought I heard someone yelling something about milk last night."   Poor kid.  I think he needs a vacation!

Here are a few random pictures from this week...
Lucy LOVES swimming, and she loves her ball.

She stares at you to throw her ball for her...

Then she stares forlornly at her ball.

It works every time.  SOMEONE will always get up and throw it for her.

Not him, though.  He was "busy".

If no one throws her ball for her, she will just drop it and watch it drift away...

...until it has gone a sufficient distance, and then...

...she'll swim after it.

Don't you just love a dog that can entertain itself?

The boys (and Lucy) watching the World Cup.

After they made a special announcement about NOT taking any flash photography during the performance last night, I thought I was taking a video.  Apparently my camera was not set on video after all, and, ummm.....the flash went off.


This was from after the performance when everyone came out in costume and signed autographs for the children...which Paige thought was very, very cool.

When she's not actually on stage, that stage make up makes her look about 30 years old.

Which would make me....39?

Bwah Hah Hah Ha.

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