Monday, June 7, 2010

Spies, Manatees, and a clean house...

There was a showing on our house yesterday morning...since our realtor is out of town, this meant that we had to be on hand to open the house up for the realtor.  

The people viewing our home were here for an hour and a half.

The kids and I (and Lucy) drove around in the car for a bit.  We drove past the house and saw that the people were still there.  We drove around a bit more.  We parked and read our books.
The kids texted their friends.  Then Clay decided he wanted to do "recon" and see what the people were doing.  He wanted to spy.

On the pretext of walking Lucy, he surreptitiously looked...

And listened...but it was too difficult with Lucy.  She kept pulling at him trying to go home.  She KNEW that was her driveway and she wanted a drink and a nap - in that order.

Clay ditched the dog and practiced his "spy moves"...

Paige decided to try a few "spy moves" herself.

I sat in the car wishing the people would hurry up because I REALLY, REALLY needed to pee.

TMI?  Sorry.

Although the "recon" maneuvers  were very impressive, the kids didn't actually get any information.

After an hour and a half the people left, I raced into the house to use the bathroom, Clay raced into the kitchen to eat (a teenage boy cannot really go that long without sustenance), and Paige went back to her book.  

That was the excitement for the day - after that, Clay studied for his exams and Paige and I read our books.  We worked hard yesterday morning cleaning...I think we deserved an afternoon off!

So far, the house is still clean.  THAT is a miracle.  

I was up at "O-dark-thirty" again this morning.  I was sipping my coffee and looking out our bedroom window when I saw this...

There were four manatees eating breakfast and enjoying the sunrise and the placid, calm (warm) water...

Clay and I have decided that while it is really nice to wake up to a nice sunrise and a family of manatees...we'd really rather be sleeping.

*Sigh*  Only two more days...
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