Monday, June 21, 2010

Anticipating vs. Participating

Paige is having a wonderful time in Charleston, but unfortunately this is the only photo I have to show - and I had to "borrow" it from her facebook page where one of the other kids posted it!  She does have her camera with her, but no way of sharing the photos until she returns.

Today they walked around the city and visited two old Episcopal churches.  They were caught in a rainstorm and took shelter under a balcony.  I asked Paige where her umbrella was (the one that I insisted she take with her) and she told me she left it in the hotel room.  Where I'm sure it did her a lot of good.  I asked her if she knew what they were doing tomorrow and she said (with a big sigh), "Whenever we ask Matt what we are doing he just says 'Don't anticipate - PARticipate!', no ma'am,  I don't know what we're doing tomorrow."

Don't you just love that?

I think I am going to have to borrow that line.

Anyway, that's what Paige has been doing.  Clay and I slept late, did a few things around the house this morning, and then went to lunch with my mother.
We had an appetizer smorgasbord at The Cheesecake Factory and then browsed a bit in Barnes and Noble.  Clay wandered off and I found him...

browsing through a book, sitting across from THIS section...

(Click on the photo for a better look!)

Which, I must admit, DID give me a few seconds of concern until he showed me the book he was looking through was...

Thankfully NOT from that section!!

We wandered in and out of a few more stores before heading home, where I found the cats having a...catnap.

I have spent the afternoon playing with my mom's Kindle - which she is kindly sharing with me.  I admit to a bit of Kindle snobbery - I never really "got" the appeal of them.  I love books, and love turning the pages, and being able to go back and read sections over...I love the feel of books, and the smell of them, and the whole experience of reading a book.

But I was willing to give it a try.

My verdict?  I still prefer a good, old fashioned BOOK...but I certainly see the appeal of these things!  How fabulous when you are traveling.  I have a feeling it may grow on me.

We also had a huge thunderstorm this afternoon.  I know, how shocking.  It IS Florida, after all.  But this one was really a doozy.  After it cleared out, I got a picture of another storm across the lake from us...

...which for some reason, I really like.

I also like this one...

...because I think the clouds are so cool looking.

Clay just asked me if he and Lucy could watch a movie.  What this means is that Lucy will lie on the floor and sleep, while Clay uses her as a pillow and watches a movie.  I think those two missed each other last week.

As for me, I am going to finish folding some laundry and read a book.  Well, read a Kindle.  Whatever.

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