Friday, June 18, 2010

Exultations and (one) lamentation

This morning I am exulting in the fact that I can breathe again.  This stupid cold is finally starting to get better.

Tim is exulting in the fact that the lawn is mowed, and that next week Clay will be here to do it!

Paige is exulting in the fact that she had "the best night's sleep EVER."


Paige is also lamenting the fact that this is her last day as an "only child."

Gus and Jack are exulting in the fact that they have been fed.
They're pretty easy.

Lucy is exulting that if she does the "booty dance"...



almost always...

cave, and rub her belly.
She's pretty easy, too.

I am a bit concerned that Jack is 4 1/2 months old...

and almost as big as Gus...

and he has HUGE paws!

Just how big is that cat going to get, anyway??

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