Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thank you to Willis Haviland Carrier

There was lightning and thunder all night long...tons of bright flashes lighting up the sky, and my bedroom (and waking me up) and big rumbles of thunder.  

Apparently though the storms weren't here.  It didn't look like a single srop of rain fell here last night.

I saw this guy when I woke up this morning - I know this is a terrible picture.  It is so humid out there that my camera fogged up as soon as I walked outside.

I wiped it off though, just in time to get this....

Those herons (or maybe it's the same one every time) just never want to cooperate with me and my camera!

Yesterday was a nothing day...a pajama day.  I rested.  Paige rested.  The cats rested, but then they do that a lot.  Lucy rested.  We were happy to stay inside in the air conditioned house.

Today, we will venture out into the heat and humidity.  I am feeling better, and there are errands to be run.  Here is what I hope to accomplish today:

* changing the sheets on all the beds
* laundry
* sweeping, mopping and vacuuming the house
* Try to set up the clothesline in the yard so that I can hang the sheets up to dry.  I love summer when I can hang the sheets up and they smell like sunshine!
* go to Target for all the Target-y stuff we need.
* Go to Publix
* Give Lucy a bath

Hopefully, I'll get it all done.  I'm getting a late start though, so....

P.S.  The title of the post refers to Willis Haviland Carrier, who is the inventor of the air conditioner

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