Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today is the first day of summer vacation. It was absolutely heavenly to sleep until 8:00 this's amazing how rested and serene you can feel after (finally) getting a good night's sleep.

Our plans for the day include:

* Clay is having a pool party to celebrate being out of school

* Last night, while Tim was picking Paige up from rehearsal, Clay made pizza for dinner (from scratch, yummy!) and homemade cookies for the party.  He tried this recipe for malted milk chocolate chip cookies and they are delicious!

*  Paige has Coppelia rehearsal again - the last rehearsal before tomorrow night's dress rehearsal, Saturday morning's technical rehearsal, and then the performance Saturday night.  She is quite excited, and Tim and I are excited to get to see her dance again.

*   More delightfully fun emails with the teacher from hell, as she prevaricates and makes excuses and I have been cc-ing Clay's guidance counselor, two of the vice principals, as well as the principal.  I don't think it will accomplish anything, but the gloves are off as far as I am concerned - Clay is DONE with that woman and she can no longer bully him in class.  She absolutely infuriates me.

*  Although the next several days are very busy, Clay leaves for camp on Sunday and then we have absolutely nothing scheduled for next ballet, no math tutor, no anything.  That's when the vacation will really begin!

I will try to get some pictures of the pool party, and Clay's preparations for it, him cooking the hotdogs on the grill, etc.  Knowing his attitude towards the paparazzi though, I wouldn't expect much!

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