Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wopping the Nyquil on a Saturday.

Right now, Nyquil is my BFF.

Seriously, I (heart) Nyquil.

Last night I sniffled and coughed and snorted and choked and hacked and sniffed and....well, you get the picture.  What I did NOT do was sleep.  Because everytime I would start to drift off I would start choking and coughing and hacking up a lung and have to flip to the other side.  I had taken another type of cold medicine, but clearly it was inferior to the old tried and true Nyquil.  Finally, after 4 hours of hacking, sniffling, choking misery I was able to glug at a bottle of Nyquil and I slept like a baby for four hours (until it was time for another glug or two from the bottle).  I was like a Nyquil commercial.  

OK, so here's what has happened today:

* I awoke, feeling semi-refreshed thanks to the bottle of Nyquil, and had my coffee and read the paper...
* I went to Target
* I went to Barnes and Noble
* I received a text message from Clay letting me know he was on his way home from camp (YAY!!)
* I went to Publix - because the teenager was coming home.  He must be fed!
* I filled the van up with gas
* I came home and made sandwiches and unloaded the groceries just in time to greet Clay as he (and his ride) pulled in the driveway
* I hugged my boy.  Then I hugged him again.  I was still hugging him when he said, "Mom....I have to go to the bathroom...."
* Hmpph.
* I listened to Clay tell me all about camp, how awesome camp was, how amazing camp was, etc. etc.
* I heard about how Clay was accepted as a L.I.T. for the 3rd session this summer.  (Leader in Training - kind of like a counselor assistant)  A BIG thank you to Matt, the youth leader for our church, for making this happen.  Clay is beyond excited about it!!
* At this point, Clay took a nap (because he is exhausted) and I did...this...
Lots of laundry!

because, in addition to Clay's week's worth of dirty, stinky clothes, I am also packing for Paige's trip tomorrow with the youth group.
* Then we all went out by the pool (because, in case I didn't mention it, it's HOT here!)
* Clay continued to regale me with tales from camp....something about wopping (which, when Tim says something is wopped means "without pay"...but I gather Clay was refering to a dance step of some sort.  I think.) and his battle scars from slip-n-slide, and archery, and getting "ace cabin"....etc etc.  
* I just listened to my boy and enjoyed having him back.  I tried snapping some photos...

because I wanted you all to see how tall and grownup he looks now!  But, he wasn't thrilled with that idea.
* So I took a picture of Lucy instead 

Lucy was thrilled that "the boy" was home!
* I begged Clay to take care of the grasshopper which was attacking my plants.

And he did...have I mentioned how happy I am that my boy is home?

* The daily, Florida, afternoon thunderstorm is going on now so I guess that means I should get back to work.


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