Monday, June 7, 2010


You all know about my roach phobia aversion.  I have written about it before here and here.  

So you can imagine my horror just now when I opened the dryer door and saw a huge, scary, blood sucking, carnivorous roach sitting in the lint filter!  Eeeekkk!  I shrieked calmly, and in a very mature manner asked Paige to bring the roach spray.  Paige screamed, shrieked, calmly, and in a very mature manner retrieved it for me and then when I threatened her asked her in a calm, mature manner to kill the roach, she agreed.  In a calm, mature manner - there wasn't much any jumping around or strident shrieking at all...

She aims...she fires!

Paige...she fears no roach.  At least, not much.

She's pretty proud of herself, too!

Eeewww....gross!  Go away you creepy, nasty, scary creature!

Die you hideous creature, DIE!!

Paige rocks.
She is awesome, amazing, fearless and brave.

This entire ordeal event was handled very calmly and maturely by both us.
That's our story, and we're sticking with it.

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