Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Death of a camera

I thought my camera died.  I was so afraid that my faithful, handy, nifty point and shoot camera
Which has been my faithful companion for many years, had given up.

It's been acting up for a while now - the zoom has been temperamental, the auto-focus has been sickly, and I have been "babying" my faithful camera.

But this morning, when I tried to get a picture of Clay (last day of school), or the sunrise (glorious), or the dog (lying on the floor with all four feet sticking up in the air)...THIS is what I got:

Uh Oh.

I fiddled with it, I took the battery out and then back in, and still nothing.

It was dead.

I was so sad.

I still have my tiny little camera which I carry in my purse so I can always have one handy - but it doesn't have a zoom, and I NEED a zoom.

But then I realized that I hadn't tried switching the memory card, so I tried that.

Whew.  The memory card is dead, not the camera.

I have been wanting a new camera for a while now.  I really want an SLR, with a really, really, really big zoom.  But...Clay is going to camp, Paige is doing two weeks of a ballet summer intensive, Clay is going to Nationals for Taekwondo, my brakes on the van need work, the a/c in Tim's car needs work...and there isn't money for a new camera.

But I think I can manage to scrounge up the money for a new SD card.

I can't tell you how relieved I am that my camera is still alive and kicking, even with the temperamental little issues it's been having lately.  I can't imagine life without a camera.  I REALLY can't imagine trying to blog without a camera!!

I did lose a bunch of pictures I took the other day, like the ones of Clay cracking himself up over the cherry that looked like a butt.  Then the ones of Tim eating the cherry that looked like a butt.  The ones of Clay looking sad that Tim had eaten the cherry that looked like a butt.  Clay was going to write a whole blog about the butt cherry (teenage boy humor), but alas, without the pictures I suppose you won't be subjected to get to read an entire post about how funny a cherry that looks like a butt is.  

You're welcome.

I did manage to save these...

Those kitties LOVE the treadmill.  It is their FAVORITE napping spot.  I wonder if it is because it is such a quiet, peaceful spot?  I wonder if that means I should, perhaps, try using it a wee bit more so it is NOT such a quiet, peaceful spot?  Hmmm?

A dragonfly on an agapanthus bud...

Agapanthus blooming...

...and a hibiscus...

Yes, I am very relieved that my camera is still working.  But I will share a little secret with you...I am dreaming about a new camera.  I have high hopes for my birthday, or Christmas, or if we ever sell the house, or just...some day.

I have been dreaming about one of these...

I have serious zoom envy.

But then I read about this...

Sony has a new SLR camera which does everything the "big boys" do - but it's tiny!  Hmmm....

Well, it appears that I will have plenty of time to do my homework and research which one I should be dreaming about.

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