Friday, June 4, 2010


Hooray, it's Friday!

We are in the final countdown for the last few days of school, and everything starts to get busy and crazy at this time of year!  Here are a few things going on around the VK's....

*  It's the last full day of school for Clay today.  Next week he has exams and early dismissal and he is DONE after Wednesday!

*  Clay has a friend coming home from school with him today to go fishing.

*  There is a 70% chance of rain today.  I don' know how well that fishing thing is going to work out for him!

*  Tomorrow he has another Taekwondo competition.

*  Coppelia is a week from tomorrow.  Paige will have rehearsals every day next week.  Anyone interested in going to see it, contact me!

*  We are all very happy because the Copper River Salmon has finally made it down to Florida - Costco and Whole Foods have it in...SO GOOD!

*  Clay will be going to Camp a week from Sunday.

*  I need to schedule doctor appointments, take the cat/dog to the vet, schedule a dentist appointment, and get my hair cut....but I am not even going to think about all that until school/TKD competition/Coppelia are all done.

*  I am feeling frazzled and unorganized today.

*  There are herbs waiting to be planted in my herb garden, clothes waiting to be folded in the dryer, a dishwasher waiting to be unloaded, and cat/dog hair floating around on the wood floors which needs to be swiffered...not to mention the topsy turvy tomato planter which is still sitting on the patio where I haven't done anything with it, and the vacuuming which needs to be done and the bathrooms which need to be cleaned...

*  I am pretending that I don't see any of the above mentioned things.

* I need more coffee.


*Have a nice weekend!
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