Sunday, June 27, 2010

Things that go bump in the night

This morning I am ready to pinch some furry little feline heads off.  Grrrr.....

Gus and Jack were out of control last night.  First, around 2:00 am, I kept hearing all these banging noises.  I would mutter and pull the pillow over my head, but the banging and thumping just continued.  Then I tried yelling, "Stop it!!" in my most threatening tone of voice.  Tim rolled over at this point and asked me what "that noise is" (I'm not sure if he meant the thumping or my yelling) and then he promptly fell back asleep.  I tried to fall back asleep, but the thumping/banging noises continued...I finally stumbled out of bed and walked out to try to figure out what the noise was.  I saw this... 
running away from this...

I saw that the fireplace screen was falling into the fireplace.  I'm still not sure exactly what those rotten little scoundrels were doing, but apparently the thumping/banging sound was the screen hitting the inside of the fireplace (our bedroom is on the other side of that wall).

I saw Gus running away from the scene of the crime, but have NO doubts as to who the ringleader is.  I assume that Mr. Jack aka "Demon Kitty" instigated it all.  Gus is just slower.

After yelling "BAD CATS", fixing the fireplace screen, and turning out all the lights, I stumbled back to bed (where my husband was still peacefully snoozing away) and tried to fall back asleep.  I think I may have dozed for a few minutes while the feisty felines were planning their next round of doom and destruction...

Which included batting something across the tile floors, wrestling (wrestling so hard that they kept moving the dining room chairs across the tile floors....scrape, screech...), chasing each other throughout the house at full speed (which sounds like a herd of elephants) and just generally being extremely loud and obnoxious in what, I am sure, was a plan to bring about the total obliteration of what little sanity I have left.

I kept hissing, "shut up" and "stop it", but they ignored me.  Finally, I sat up and screeched, "SHUT UP YOU LITTLE MONSTERS!!"

This is when my husband finally woke up and said, "What's all the noise?"

This time I am SURE he was referring to me.

The fearsome felines finally stopped.

I should have been able to go back to sleep.  Instead, I reminisced.  I remembered when we were newly married and living in Colorado.  I heard something big walking on our roof one night and saw a big, scary shadow crossing over the skylight in our bedroom...I had to wake Tim up - he was completely oblivious to the fact that there was a big MOUNTAIN LION on our roof until it screamed.  The mountain lion screamed, not me.

I also remembered when the children were babies and toddlers and would wake up crying.  Tim never, NEVER heard them cry.  I would jerk awake at the first little whimper and go to feed them, or change them and he would wake up only when I was getting back into bed.  Sometimes, I would wait and let them cry for a while, just as a test, to see if Tim would wake up.  He never did.

He can sleep through anything.

I really hate that.

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