Monday, June 14, 2010

Don't Worry, Be Happy

It is 9:21 on a Monday morning and I am reading the paper, sipping coffee (well, and blogging too, obviously) while still in my nightgown!!  I am being completely lazy and slothful today.

It feels wonderful.

I love lazy days.  I hate rushing days.  Yesterday was a rushing day - I woke up early to finish some laundry so Clay could take his favorite t-shirt with him to camp...finished his packing, loaded up the car, picked up another camper, and drove 1 1/2 hours to Camp Weed.  
Paige tried to get some photos of Clay during the drive, but he was...ummm...less than cooperative, shall we say?

When we arrived at camp, we had to do the usual standing in line to make sure all the paperwork was in order, then standing in line to put money in his account for the canteen, and buying the annual t-shirt....we then shlepped his stuff to his cabin...

...and made up his bunk, stowed his gear away...

...and finally managed to get a somewhat decent "camp" photo.

OK, OK - that is totally a sarcastic, "Mom, really?  You're embarrassing me!" grin.  Whatever.

Then I tried to get a goodbye hug from my boy since I won't see him for an entire week - but again, he was less than cooperative.  Oh, he did give me a half hearted hug, acting all the while as though I was being SO unreasonable.  Apparently, he never noticed that ALL of the OTHER mothers were also attempting to hug THEIR teenage sons goodbye too.



Anyway, then Paige and I drove another hour and 1/2 home, whereupon I announced that I WAS DONE!



Elvis Mom has left the building, folks.

Today, I plan to (eventually, after I have read the paper in a leisurely fashion and sipped my coffee) take a shower and run to the bank.  I may go to the bookstore.  Or I may not.  I may do a load of laundry.  Maybe not, though.  I will definitely be going out to the pool to marinate in the humidity and read a book.  I will definitely be floating in the pool enjoying the sound of .... nothing. I will definitely not be looking at a clock and driving anywhere.  I will probably throw the ball for Lucy and watch her watching the lizards.  I will be looking for manatees.  I will enjoy the one on one time with my sweet daughter and I will probably spend some time missing my quirky, quacky teenager.  I will write him a letter, and I may even clean his room.  Or not.

I haven't decided yet.

The most wonderful thing about today is that I don't HAVE to do anything or be anywhere.   Frankly, that sounds like absolute heaven to me right now.  I'm still feeling a bit twitchy from this past week!

My motto for today is "Don't worry, be happy"

P.S.....If anyone wants to send Clay a letter, his address at camp is:
Clay Van Kuiken/Camp St. Matthew
Camp Weed

11057 Camp Weed Place 

Live Oak, FL 32060

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