Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The farthest Thunder that I heard Was nearer than the Sky

Memorial Day was stormy!  It didn't start out that way - the morning was beautiful.  Clay's Taekwondo team had a car wash in the morning to help raise money for Nationals (which are coming up in one month).  

I actually didn't mind the stormy weather because I had a migraine and spent most of the afternoon lying down with an ice bag on my head.  And besides, who doesn't love a good storm?

This was a wonderfully dramatic storm - big, bright bursts of lightning, huge booming cracks of thunder, gusty, blustery winds, and the rain just poured down...
I ran all the houseplants outside for a good soaking...

See the rain just streaming down?

It was coming down so hard and so fast that there was standing water in the yard...

...and in the driveway and out by the pool.  The drains just couldn't keep up with that much water!

It was fun while it lasted, and I was thankful that we didn't lose power.  I was also thankful that Lucy isn't afraid of thunder.  THAT wouldn't have been much fun!!  We all watched the storm roll through and enjoyed the sound and lights show, then we had pizza for dinner and went to bed early.

Clay was really dragging this morning - he just kept saying "ugh" about going to school.  He has this week and then half days Monday through Wednesday of next week (exams) and then he is officially on summer vacation.  Not that I am counting down the days or anything, but that means only 6 more mornings of waking up at "O-dark-thirty" and driving him to school.  YAY!

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