Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Bonfire of the Teenagers, revisited

Clay, as always, being a perfect gentleman to the ladies
That's right, girls - MAKE him share!  Show him who's boss!
The "bonfire".  And the teenagers.

Yesterday was a crazy, busy day!  Clay's taekwondo team had the carwash fundraiser in the morning, Paige had an audition in the afternoon, and then Clay had his little shindig here last night.

This is how he likes to socialize...invite a small, select group of friends over to hang out around the firepit and eat and talk.  When I say "select" I am not exaggerating either!  He is so picky.  He is planning another one for April, so I guess this is now the traditional, monthly get together.

I actually don't mind - they are all great kids, and I love that Clay isn't too embarrassed of his parents!!

Today will be another busy day - church this morning, and then Paige has one last dance competition this afternoon.  I'll try to update his evening with photos.
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