Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lucy's Super Saturday

Oh boy!  Today was a great day.  First, the people slept really late, so I got to sleep really late too!  Then I got to ride in the car when we picked the boy up this morning.  They said I was smelly, but he was SMELLIER!!  Then I got to go run with the girl and chase the ball!!!  There was someone at home with me ALL DAY today - I like that!  I don't like it when they leave me alone.
Then we all went for a walk, and the boy ran with me...I like the boy.  I sleep in his bed and he cuddles with me.  HE never thinks I am smelly.
There were lots of little yippy dogs, but I was dignified and I ignored them...but then....
There was another doggy like me!  A pretty one.  And we smelled each other's butts!!  It was great!  The other dog wanted to come home with me, but the big person said NO and told him to GO HOME.
But then I was tired.  Oh goodie - we're home!!
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