Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The one where I kvetch...

Today is gray, cloudy, rainy, and gloomy - and it matches my mood perfectly!  I didn't get much sleep last night.  It was one of those nights where I just couldn't seem to fall asleep - I kept thinking about all sorts of things like making an appointment for Clay with the dermatologist...brooding about the nasty, mean the dog a bath...wondering how early I need to leave today to run by the dance store and order new pointe shoes for Paige...making a mental grocery list...thinking about the incident at Clay's school yesterday...and so forth and so on....You know, really important stuff!  Then, once I finally was able to fall asleep, the kitten (Gus) decided to become insane...running around the house like a crazy kitty - attacking Chloe (so then I would hear the lovely, dulcet tones of Chloe growling and hissing and spitting at Gus, and then Gus barreling through the house).  Then he jumped on something in our bathroom and knocked over a cabinet thus knocking deodorants and lotions and toothpastes into the toilet and all over the floor.  Fun.

I have spent the past hour perusing the internet looking for an image to suit my mood this morning, and couldn't settle on just one!  So I leave you with these images...I'll try to update later this afternoon after Paige's (new) dance class.  Hopefully, I'll be feeling more pleasant by then!!

Afternoon Update 5:27 pm:

The old pointe shoes are dead.  Very, very dead...
Hooray!  New pointe shoes...Happy Paige!!
Now to sew these darn ribbons on...

The new ballet class was a big success - Paige is a happy dancer.  She was very tired and admits that her legs were shaking and she needs to get herself back into shape, but she is SO happy to be back in a serious studio.

While she did her twinkle-toe thing, I hung out in the lovely lobby and surfed the net...

Wow - a comfortable lobby, wi-fi, a couple of hours of peace and quiet....not bad!!

While we were gone, apparently Lucy did this

Lucy LOVES her ball!!

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