Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ooh La La......

Paige was helping me fold sheets in my bedroom, and Clay was in the kitchen making crepes for his French class to feast on tomorrow.  We started hearing these...odd...sounds coming from the kitchen...sort of Gallic sounding grunts...and, "Mon Dieu!"...another grunt..."Tres bien"...more odd Gallic type noises..."OOH LA LA"....and "Ooh, Monsieur - BON!!"

Once Paige and I managed to stifle our giggles, I snuck in and captured Monsieur Claiborne in action (all must be said weeth ze French accent, oui??)

Apparently, Le chef Magnifique makes crepes best when he immerses himself in the spirit Francais!!

C'est bon, Clay!  Tres bien, indeed.

I also caught this photo - for those of you who thought I might be exaggerating a tad.

Ha Ha Ha!
Not really - that one was staged.
For today, anyway.

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