Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hello there...my name is Lucy.  Well, actually the people I lived with before called me Barbara but the people I am staying with now are calling me Lucy, so I suppose that is my new name.

Yesterday was a bit of an overwhelming day for me.  I started the day in my old home, where I had a pack of two other Golden Retrievers and a little Shih Tzu to hang out with.  Late in the afternoon some strange people came and only wanted to see my pack mate Sam...and then they took him away!  A little while later some other people came and wanted to see me.  Well, I wasn't born yesterday you know!  I knew something was up.  Sure enough, they took me away to a different house too.  These new people seemed OK, but everything here in the new house was different - different people, different house, different smells...they even have these tiny little fluffy things that are not dogs that arch their backs and make their hair get really big (cool trick...wish I could do that!) and hiss at me.  I'm no spring chicken, and I can honestly tell you that I was very freaked out needed time to acclimate to all this newness.  Sometime in the middle of the night I smelled a delicious, yummy smell and I followed it until I found a tiny little bowl full of food for the little archy, fluffy, hissing animals.  I scarfed delicately devoured it - and let me tell you, it was DELISH!  After that I felt much more at home and relaxed and I think I might like it here!

At first I was missing my pack, but I'm beginning to see the benefits of not having to share my food, and of getting all the attention to myself!  The humans here are pretty cool too, although they keep talking about putting me on a diet and I'm not too sure about that.  Oh well, as long as I can keep eating that delicious little fluffy, hissy animal food I think I'll be OK.  If worse comes to worse, I could probably eat one of them too.

I went for a really long walk today with the humans and whew!  I haven't done that in a very long time.  I was a bit exhausted afterward and took a long nap.  My favorite nap place is in the middle of the floor where all the humans walk, that way they can't ignore me!  The humans here are pretty smart too - they have already figured out that when I go stand by the door it means I need to go out, and that when I am done I will stand by the door for them to let me back in.  I think they are already figuring out that they don't need to stand and watch me either.  C'mon - I am a mature lady of 6 years old...I know what I'm doing.  I do my thing and then it's time to let me back in so I can have another nap.

All in all, I think this might work out!  Here are a few pics of me with my favorites humans...the smaller ones.  (They give the best cuddles)

An Afternoon update from Lucy:

I found out why the humans are calling me Lucy...apparently there was a beautiful redheaded actress named Lucy a long time ago that everyone loved.  They loved her so much that there was a show named "I love Lucy"....I guess they think I must be like her because I am also beautiful and have red hair.  The humans said it is also because I am funny, but I don't think I am funny.  Beautiful, yes.  Red haired, yes.  Not funny.

Also, these humans are very strange.  Everytime I go stand by the door to do my business they make such a big deal of it.  It's like they've never had a dog who did this before.  I know they've had a dog before - I can smell it.  What's up with that, I wonder?  C'mon people - it's not rocket science!  Not that I mind the praise...after all, I AM brilliant and wonderful, as they say.  But...just for doing my thing?  Now my trick where I sit on my hind legs and put my paws on their shoulders to hug them - yeah, THAT'S brilliant.  Humans...they're kind of strange.  Nice and all....but strange.

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