Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lap Cat

In theory Chloe is supposed to be MY cat, Gus Is supposed to be Paige's cat, Buddy is supposed to be Clay's bird, and Lucy is supposed to be a family dog.

I guess one out of four isn't TOO bad....

Buddy is definitely Clay's bird.
Chloe has decided she doesn't like anyone since we had the utter audacity to bring another cat into HER house.
Lucy loves everyone, but she has a soft spot for Paige...and Gus?  Gus loves my lap.  He is pushy and forces himself into my lap.  Then he purrs.  I try to push him away so he will go to Paige - but he doesn't take "NO" for an answer.  He ducks under my arm, pushes against my hand...he ducks and wriggles and pushes and weaves and looks for hidden ways to get to my lap.  Then he purrs and looks at me with adoring eyes and then he falls asleep.  In my lap.

He makes it very difficult to get anything done!

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