Tuesday, March 23, 2010

That's the facts, Jack!

Paige came to the dinner table last night and announced that she was Princess Leia.
I have no idea why - but thought she looked awfully cute and thought I'd share!

Clay is still going through the "drive Mom crazy with my smart mouth" phase.  Just in case you thought it might have worn off in the past 24 hours.
Nope.  Still going strong.

Clay is also addicted to this....

I'm not saying that it is a bad thing - I actually like the smell, and think it is great that he is into grooming.  I just wish I could teach him that Less is More!

Tim is on a mission from God to do various and sundry things.  I don't know about ya'll, but when he gets like this - I just try to stay out of his way. I never understand why these things need to be done right that very minute but I have learned not to question!  This morning the crisis involved rescreening some of the screens in the pool that had gotten torn over the winter.

Paige was his helper, and (as always) announced herself with her signature "Have no fear - Paige is here!"

This morning Tim asked why his vitamins are almost gone and everyone else's are still full (side note:  I bought specific vitamins for everyone...women's for moi, men's with ginkgo for Tim, teen boy for Clay and teen girl for Paige).  Paige answered, "Because you're the only one who remembers to take them because your's has the memory stuff."

A couple of weeks ago Paige auditioned for Jacksonville Ballet Theatre's (which is also her new studio) production of Coppelia.  We found out that she did get a part.  We don't know what that part may be yet - but Yay Paige!!
The production is June 12th...more details to follow.

I (apparently) slept in a weird position the other night and so for the past two days have had a crick in my neck and down my shoulder.  I can't turn my head and it is driving me crazy.  It's times like this when I really miss our hot tub!!

Short and sweet today....more later!
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