Monday, March 8, 2010

Signs of the "S" word....

It is a GORGEOUS day!

I am absolutely, positively not going to use the "s" word (because every single time I have hinted that it looks like s****, we have gotten another dose of COLD weather)...but I will say that it certainly very un-winter like!  It is supposed to be in the 70's all week...and...things are starting to bloom and get leaves and birds are singing and there is pollen everywhere.  That's all I am going to say - it doesn't feel like winter today.  It is lovely.  I am happy!

Tim got home Saturday night and is actually home for a few days.  I got to sleep in yesterday and today, and I feel so refreshed and rested.  This getting up at the crack of dawn stuff is really NOT my cup of tea!!  I think I may have mentioned it before (!!) but I am NOT a morning person!  I really struggle with this high school schedule.  Ugh.  

I haven't actually accomplished anything today, and I do not feel even a teeny tiny bit guilty!  I feel good!  I feel happy!  Tomorrow I'll get back to the business of ... well, all that fun, exciting stuff I do on a daily basis.  But today, I am just enjoying the spring un-winterlike, sunny, warm, beautiful day and being lazy meditating and contemplating life.


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