Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday stuff, etc.

We woke up early this morning to get Clay to the Taekwondo carwash fundraiser, and I was rushing to meet the other team parents for a fundraising meeting.  I was a few minutes late getting to the McDonald's...and looked around and didn't see anyone else there.  Clay was outside washing cars, but I didn't see any other moms.  Finally, I saw someone and I asked her where everyone else was.  She told me (wait for it....) The meeting had been cancelled!!!"

"Oh, didn't anyone let you know?"



BIG sigh.

So.  I grabbed a cup of coffee (because by this point I NEEDED one), and Paige and I ran a few errands.  
When we got back to the carwash at McDonald's....we found the boys holding the signs....
And doing THIS to get the trucks to honk
Which they did! (over and over and over)

After we got home, we went outside to pull some weeds and plant a couple of flowers...
Paige was very helpful....
Lucy was VERY excited that we were home....
The kids were both supposed to be helping plant flowers, but you can see what Clay was doing instead!
Oh great!  Now Paige is getting distracted and practicing dance moves....
Walking like an Egyptian?  What about my flowers??
Playing soccer with Lucy.  NOT planting flowers.
STILL not planting flowers!

Other than the flowers, we still need to:

*clean the turtle tank (Clay)
*clean the bird cage (Clay)
*clean the house (everyone)
*change sheets (everyone)
*make dinner (me)
*fold clothes (me)
homework (Clay)
write a short story (Paige)

I read the news today, oh boy.....

You may have heard about the little girl, Somer Thompson, who was abducted on her way home from school one day and her body was found in a landfill in Georgia a couple of days later.  She was from Orange Park.
This community has breathed a sigh of relief that an arrest has finally been made.

Good Gouda!
Tim gets home tonight from Amsterdam.  We can't wait - because he always brings back a big hunk of this

REAL Gouda....smooth and creamy.  Oh, we adore it!

Also, of course, we're happy to see him too!!

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